Saturday, 20 December 2008

CheeSiong & XueMin:Engagement Session@Kyoto

This is the second part of Chee Siong & Xue Min's engagement session photos.

Actually we did not plan this out, I was on the train heading to Kyoto for the maple leaves when I received the call from Xue Min asking if I can make it to Kyoto for a photo session that day. Guess what, we were heading to the same place. What a coincidence!!

It was cloudy that day, so shooting with limited sun light was quite challenging. Luckily, most of the shot turned out nice. And I like the sentimental feeling it added to the photos.

The maple leaves were so gorgeous!! That's the reason I like autumn the most out of four seasons.

I just like this shot! Both of them look so natural.

This is the aqueduct at 南禅寺(Nanzenji)~ a perfect location for photo shooting, but you have to be patient to wait for the right moment before pressing the shutter to avoid the crowdy tourist.

Again, try to play around with the sun light.

The smile looks so cute!

Finally, a shot with the Geisha.


  1. ta rang!!!...i come to comment liao...
    nice sets bi-hong...!!!...
    like your composition and creative angle...
    6th row from above look a bit OOF...?...
    last one i think color and faster shutter will bring out the bring out the couple i think need slower shutter kor...but the couple will be more tired lar...hahaha...juz my 2 cents...

  2. alesshans>Thanks for the comment!! True...I did not notice the shot was a bit OOF until I load it to my computer, but I like the composition so much that I still load the photo up :p


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