Sunday, 18 January 2009

Product Shot - Coca-Cola

When the weather was so cool outside, when I have nobody to post for me, when I get tired of writing the graduation thesis, I tried out this.

I read through a lot of articles about studio lighting, but I always don't have the chance to do it because I don't have enough equipment for the proper set up. Today I borrowed my house mate's SB-800 to remotely trigger a SB-600(my D40 cannot remote trigger off-camera flash, time to upgrade my camera maybe?) placed behind the coke.

Still cannot get everything right in camera, so some photoshop work to brush up the image.

Here is the final result. Anyone want a coke?
Coca Cola
Meng Hong is right, the first image is too reddish. I made some adjustment to it, hope it get better:p

Coca-ColaCoca Cola

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  1. Bi-Hong, your colour settings of the coke seems too much to the warm side even the backdrop looks reddish... Or was it the vivid colour setting?

    Why not try to play a bit with the hue and saturation in PS?


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