Saturday, 28 February 2009

At last, it ended. In just 15 minutes. Everything that I have worked hard for the past one year. Relief but feel empty too. A mix feeling that will take few a few days, a few weeks or even months for me to figure out my next move.

Anyway, put that topic away. I just want to write a short post on this photo. Nothing special about this photo, what caught my attention is the kanji on it -- 朴.


I went to this small izakaya with my lab's people after the thesis presentation. Their chopsticks are packed in white pocket with different kanji on it. And this is what I get.

朴:飾り気がなく自然な.I don't know the best translation for it in English, it means "simple", "nature". Maybe this is just some design on the packaging, but it really knocked on me. Too many things have been spinning in my head recently, maybe this is a hint to me, to take a step back, to return to the origin, and be "myself" again.

Before I head into my warm bed, there is a new podcast called D-TOWN TV for Nikon lover like me, by Scot Kelby and Matt Kloskowski, the same guys who run weekly podcast photoshop user tv. Have a click on both this link, and you will find cool information about photography and photoshop. Good night :)


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