Saturday, 7 February 2009


Time flew, one week just slipped past unnoticed. I was busy with my university paper, and the job won't be finish until end of this month after I pass the paper up, present it and put a full stop to it. Anyway, taking a break, a full break in the weekends is something that I enjoyed the most, to free myself from those uni's work, to have some fresh air, reading some mind inspiring book, playing with photoshop to discover some new editing technique, and also a new post to keep this blog fresh.

I have this two photos that I want to share with you, same series of photo that I had posted in previous entry. This two toddler are brothers, sons of my friend's friend. Two hyper active kids that hardly stayed still. But still managed to snap some shots freezing them with fast shutter speed thanks to the good lighting condition. I tend to post process my photos but I just like this two SOOC. Hope this two cuties will cheer up your day :)


Some snack time!!


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  1. SO CUTE!!! these two pics are my favorites! i already enlarged these and put them into frames to give my friend. she and her husband loved them. :D GOOD WORK, Bihong! We really want you back in here to take more great pics of us. :) - yurika


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