Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bakery 102

The place I’m sharing with three other friends in Japan is turning into a bakery!! And this is a big contribution by the Panasonic’s Home Bakery Machine-a gift from my housemate’s host family, which make baking bread a simple task as pushing a button. My friend who dream of having his own bakery shop in the future is really good at making full use of the machine and experimenting with lots of recipe. For me, who just want to join the party, still prefer the one button job :p. Mixing flour, butter, salt, sugar, yeast accordingly to the recipe, throw them into the machine, push the button and let’s the machine do all the jobs. And after 4 hours when the bell rang, a hot and ready to be ate bread is ready. Simple and easy.

Here is the result of my baking today, it just looks so great and delicious, right?? Maybe after a few baking experience, I will starts learning from my friend to make more arrangement out of the simple recipe…but at the moment let’s enjoy the simplicity of modern technology :)

Today is mother’s day. And I think a bakery machine like this make a perfect present for mothers who enjoy cooking and baking. Maybe when you read this post, is a little too late to get a mother’s day present like this, but you don’t need to wait for mother’s day for a present to your lovely mother right? :-) Happy Mother’s Day too all moms *muaks*

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  1. raptor_ravenlord21 May 2009 at 22:59

    wah that looks gooooood......


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