Friday, 24 July 2009

Travel: Hiroshima 広島 & Kitakyushu 北九州

Will travel to Tokyo again this weekends. This time to attend a symposium about low carbon society. Just finished packing my luggage and before I hide into my bed, a short updated here before things get piled up.

Went for a short trip to Hiroshima & Kitakyushu last week. There was a price for travelling in this everyone busy period – final reports’ deadline & exams – extensive work loads for this coming few weeks. But I think I really need to run away from all this mess. Not that I don’t enjoy what I’m doing in the university, but I just need to clear out of my head, some refreshment to push to the finishing line at least for this semester. Is this trip help? You will find out when I get my result sheet next semester.

So here are some photos of the landmarks shot for my trip. Maybe a much more details post about it after this semester ends.




Perfect weather and beautiful sky…the price – sunburn. But who cares? Is summer time!!!

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