Thursday, 22 October 2009

IDSS @ 2009 Part 3 : Italian Design

The summer school is about Italian Design especially industrial design, as part of the program, we paid a visit to a few well known maker based in Bologna.

Italian Design

Although fashion design is not the main part of the school, we cannot leave it out when we talking about Italian design. La Perla – Unknown for me not until I step into the company, apparently it is a famous luxurious and fashionable lingerie, nightwear and swimwear maker. Can’t take photo in the production line like most of the factory. But the billboard hanging around the corridor really caught my eyes. So, these are only photos of photos. And I always dream that one day I will be the man behind the camera for all these beautiful posters.

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The museum of the industrial heritage. A place to find out more about the industry revolution of Bologna and how it transform into a strong industrial hub in Italy.

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Ducati – well known champion in the Superbike World Championship is the maker of the super sexy racing bike.DBgYDr E5VG0z sV5CN5 8kP1Mf jHy8SU 3gmTTS RKVBII dNeZmZ

Lamborghini – Remember the racing car appear in the new Batman series – “Batman Begins” & “The Dark Knight”? Yupe this is the manufacturer behind these sleek and exotic design of extra luxurious racing car.

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It was really impressive after visiting both Ducati and Lamborghini production line. You cannot see the idea of mass production which is the main stream of today’s industrial trend, but the engineers are assembling the products like a piece of arts, piece by piece. What they are proud of is the unique design, art like treatment of their product. A big surprise to see the big name running the company like a small enterprise. Maybe it seem ineffective, less of the typical noisy machinery, but the production line looks more human, more smile on the workers and more pride.    

Finally the historical furniture showroom. This showroom have a great collections of furniture that had make great name of design history. Unlike the normal museum where displayed items are only viewable by eyes, visitors can touch and even sit on most of the furniture showed here, to get the real feeling of how the designs fit the human body line. One of the most interesting museum I had ever been to.

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