Monday, 5 April 2010

Spring 2010

My 7th spring in Japan. Will this be my last year? Is hard to say, it all depends on how well my job hunting will go. So far, luck was not on my side, or to be more accurate, I have been taking the job hunting too easy.Anyway, spring indicates a new start. Let's leave all the burden behind, and have a great start-up in this new semester with new attitude, new target and new challenge ahead.

Tried some new approach on photographing sakura. Having my camera recording this flowers for the past 6 years, I found that I have been taking the same kind of photos over and over again. I want to try something new this year, taking new approach, making them outstanding at least they won't end up as another normal, boring, sakura's picture.

And here are 3 photos that looks special to me, and the trick is pretty simple.

Push the EV value to +1, to over-expose the photo. The sakura is almost blown out by the back lighted sun, but it helps creating a smooth and dreamy feeling to the shot.

Maybe you will find that the background is too colorful and taking the focus away from the flowers, or maybe I should zoom in more on the flowers. But rules are meant to be broken, right? And I think the result is nice too.


I gone extreme for this last shot. Shooting at night, ISO set at 6400, turned the camera during its 1s exposure time. Should it be an entry? or deleted? Art? or completely blurred photo? It all depends on how you look at it.

Which one do you like the most? Let me know how you think about it. Thanks!!


  1. You are very talented, it's one of my dreams to see sakura but your photos made me feel a little closer to them.


  2. i Like the 2nd...donno why, touching while c this...b my photographer while i marry :P

  3. woo...the last photo kinda make my head spin too...and i meant it as a compliment...cause it seems real...

  4. the first one!


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