Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sneak Preview: Refreshed-portfolio coming soon

Sneak preview: Refreshed portfolio

Have been working on this personal project for a while. Part as personal interest to learn about PHP and MySQL. Building up a real world project is the best way to get the skill stick in the head. Part is to rebuild my photography portfolio website, make it a total HTML5 and CSS3 compatible webpage. Dunno who will be going to view my page on an iPhone or iPad, but is the best practice to make a site cross platform right? Anyway, I left out IE totally. I use all web-kit based browser, chrome, firefox and safari, but just not IE. I know a lot of people still stuck with IE because it comes as a default browser with windows. But IE for me is a history just like netscape.

Anyway, hope that I can finish up the project quickly and make it public around June (finger crossed). Still have some ugly code to clean up, and to add some more functionality to it. For the time being, please tell me how you think about the design of the site taking by screen-copy. The color selection, the layouts...anything that will help me improve the presentation of the site.

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