Thursday, 2 September 2010

I REALLY Need to Refresh Myself

Getting a little update on this blog while I'm waiting for Apple's music event, first time streaming live over the net. I don't consider myself as Apple's or Job's fan, but I definitely a big fan of Job's keynote presentation. Job's is the best salesman in the world, all eyes are on him, waiting for him to open up the curtain to reveal anything "magical" underneath.

Ok. Back to the title. Recently I really wear out, by nothing. I hated the feeling. My head is saturated, can't think of new idea. Everyday I will stare at the computer screen with my mind blank, completely blank. I really need a break, to freshen up. I need to hang up just for a couple of days, then I can go back to my lovely home, meet with families and friends.

On the train - blue blue blue
Photo collage with images taken with iPhones during my trio to Nagasaki last month.


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