Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Moeremuma Park

Days of unhealthy routine and diets, and my body starts to protest.

With a heavy body, I went aboard for a short research trip to Hokkaido. Was wandering how should I spent the only free day I had, I end up spent a whole day at moerenuma park モエレ沼公園 - designed by Isamu Noguchi. A sculpture park constructed on what was once a waste treatment plant.

I can feel my sickness was treated once I stepped into the park. The breeze was shivering, but it can take away the pressure pounding on my shoulders. On top of the hill, I felt that I was healed. It was powerful, getting out from the urban, from the office, from the noise, and dive into a space of blue and green, into a dream of a famous sculpture.

I'm running short of words, but the pictures won't.

Moere Marsh
Glass Pyramid
On top of the hill

More to come. Once I clean up the mess I left in the reality.


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