Sunday, 5 December 2010

I Need Concentration!!

Autumn. The season I loved best. I should be out there, stroll around the park, taking photos, but I'm stuck in front of the 13 inch screen, trying hard to focus on my thesis.

A bad flu last week had me drowned. Not only the nose. Literally the the whole body shut down, the brain paralyzed as a silent protest. Partially recovered, I desperately need to get some work done.

However things always went the other way round.

I dozed off my whole Saturday.
Sunday saw some slight progress. Soon I gave up. My attention ended up in Bali, in Elizabeth Gilbert beautiful crafted memoirs. (The book had sparked a lot of thinking of myself and I think I will had another long post dedicated to it.) And now I'm complaining in the virtual world of internet.

WHY. It is so hard to concentrate??

Photo taken in Vienna. Autumn arrived sooner than Japan.

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