Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Penang Story: Mobile Laksa & Popiah

Suddenly I have an idea - to start a small series dedicated to my lovely hometown - Penang.

As a follower of Eating Asia - A blog focus on culinary culture around Asia country. The author is an American now based in Malaysia. While running a project in Penang, she had plenty of articles about the island that make me a local, feel shy, about how little I know my own town.

So, by running this little series as a little self-project. I hope I can help capture the story of the city and to learn more about it every time I travel back for holiday.

Back to the story. A strange title, but this kind of business maybe vanish in near future. I never have the chance to experience it but back in old time, there were people travelling around neighborhood selling Wan Than Mee also known as Tok-tok Mee from the sound of knocking bamboo sticks made by the vendors to draw attention. Now, you hardly find anyone selling food on a motorcycle anymore, except the one selling bread, as my family always refer as Indian Roti because no other races running this business except Indian. The other will be this Laksa and Popiah also mostly run by Indian.

Was running out of luck that day. No more Laksa, the uncle told me. In the end, I help him finished up his last stock of Popiah and a bowl of Laksa's soup.

Penang story - Mobile Laksa

Penang story - Mobile Popiah

The taste is just normal, but what precious about this is the memory - in a lazy afternoon when you wonder what to get for afternoon tea, then you hear the familiar sound of the motor engine, you will know what will end up in the stomach.

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  1. Nice post! My family actually call the roti people as "Bengali Roti" because the one that goes around my area is a Singh.hahaha....
    Nice photos though, esp like the steam from the laksa soup.


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