Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Your image has been judged.

Enter a photo contest for some professional feedback.

The result came in today: " Your image has been judged, it received a total average score of 67. "
3 points lower then the target I set for myself. A bit disappointed, but feel good to get some comments and will try hard to polish up my skill.

Here is the entry, and the judges comments:

Judges Feedback
  • Color Balance - Most people are very sensitive to colour, but only when it's not quite right. Your entry when viewed on our judge's calibrated monitor appears to have an unwanted colour cast. There could be many reasons - you may like that colour cast (but the judge doesn't), your colour management isn't quite right, or the white balance wasn't set correctly on the camera.

  • Technical Quality - Technical quality in a competition is expected by the judges. When viewing your entry, they may have seen some issues in terms of colour, contrast, brightness or even unwanted spots or marks that have let your entry down. Presentation of your work and correct post-production is so important for a successful competition entry.

  • Lighting - Often the difference between a good photo and a great one is the light. This is a big subject and covers many issues, but the judge is indicating that better use of light may improve this image. Is the subject over lit? Is the light too contrasty or too flat for your subject? Is the light helping or hindering the subject.

  • Framing - Just as important as what you include in a photograph is what you leave out. Your subject may be great, but there could be other elements in the photograph that are distracting and unnecessary, or it could be that your subject is too closely cropped. Have a look and see if different framing could improve your work.

  • Composition - Composition is a big subject and very personal. The judge believes this image could be improved with stronger composition, which can be as simple as where your subject is placed within the frame, to more complex interactions of various elements within the composition. Have a look at your image again and see how a different camera angle, framing or subject arrangement could make the image stronger.

  • Post Processing - Another highly subjective subject. It is not how much or little you process that matter, but how effective it is. Does it enrich the message and storytelling? Or does it detracts? Be ware of halos dodging & burning, artifacts from over sharpening. Try to maintain details in the highlights and shadows. Successful post processing just glues the eyes the image. Some liken post processing to cooking. When it is done right it is just heavenly.
Din't make it this time. But a lesson has been learned. 加油!

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