Monday, 30 May 2011

一蘭:The Strange but Unforgettable Ramen Shop

The Ramen served in the shop was nice. Ichiran (一蘭) - a Ramen chain store origin from Hakata (博多) where Tonkotsu Ramen (豚骨ラーメン) is the local gourmet. The only strange, or I should say the speciality about this shop is, how it was designed and how the food was served.

They called it 味集中カウンター (literary means a counter seat that you can focus on the food). Ya, direct translation from the Japanese sounds strange, and more strange if you step into the restaurant for the first time, especially with a bunch of friends. The restaurant only have counter seats and the worst part - they are all separated with a tiny wall in between. That's the space, specially design for you with a bowl of ramen. Your friends are not the only person blocked by the wall. The waiter either. You get me right! You can't see the waiter face, the only part you can see is their hand when your order being served.

You are meant to spent your time exclusively with a bowl of Ramen. Only you and the noodles. You can suck the Ramen as soundly as possible without causing any disturbance to others. Oooh, gosh. Sorry to post a such nasty description. But this was the first image that bump into my head. Anyway, FYI, making noise while eating Ramen is 100% normal in Japan. Not a wrong manner on dining table as with some other asian culture.

And, how would I missed a chance to press a shutter in such a strange place?


I dragged the shutter for sec to create a sense of movement in this scene. You can feel the noodle is going to swoop into the eater mouth in no time.

Strage place, but they served good noodle there. Be sure to dine there while visiting to Fukuoka, or even at any of its chain in your city.

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