Sunday, 24 July 2011

Running Away from the City: Niijima

Hell. When you spent most of the time in a concrete city, and if you have chance to run away from it, don't hesitate.

5 hours ferry ride from Tokyo. Niijima(新島) is an utopia, an small island surrounded by pacific ocean. Its a paradise for surfer, or if you are not hardcore on oceanic sport, you can instead choose to spent whole day lying at the beach listen to the orchestra of the wave hitting hard on the shore. Or even cycle around the island and explore the public hot spring.

Summer + beach. Best combination. right?

The Island


The lighthouse

The beach

The rock


The hot spring

The Gate

A friend pretend to be lifeguard

Another Rock

Beach girl



Ooo...I wish I can spent the whole summer at the island. And gosh, I miss my Island so much, when can I go home?


  1. just awesome, breathtaking view.
    Nice shots

  2. Friend, is awesome..
    Waiting you home..


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