Thursday, 18 October 2012

Oeshiki お会式 

When I moved to Tokyo last year, I rent a small one room apartment near my office, not knowing that this street is part of the historical path called 東海道品川宿 (Tokaido-Shinagawa-Jyuku). And once in a while I will bump into festival parade on my way back from the office.

お会式 (Oeshiki) was one of them, which I bump into again yesterday. It reminded me about the same event that I've some photographs taken but din't have the chance to share. I don't really have any idea about what kind of festival it is, but the costumes and big lanterns -  万灯 (manto) that they carry along the parade is kind of special.

Check out the link (in Japanese) if you want to find out more, if not just enjoy the photos!

天妙國寺 御会式 4

天妙國寺 御会式 6

天妙國寺 御会式 1

天妙國寺 御会式 2

天妙國寺 御会式 3

天妙國寺 御会式 5

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