Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Happy Face.

Can't fall asleep.

Flipping through my camera, reviewing photos I took in a local festival yesterday,  and this one caught my eyes.

Happy Face

This Ojiisan had my attention on for the whole parade, but every time when I tried to put my eye on the finder, I was blocked by the crowds. So I follow along, waiting patiently for the moment, the moment to fire the shutter. Then, I spot an empty space in the parade, without even thinking, I jumped in, zoomed and pressed, and pulled myself out again. Everything happened so fast, but my instinct told me, that I nailed it, I had the shot.

It may appeared to be just another random portrait,  but I find that the Ojiisan's smile and his high spirit had brought the photo to life. Hopefully the photo will put a smile on your face as well!  

Ok, time to try to put myself to bed again. Good night!

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