Monday, 15 July 2013

Catching Up: The Festival

Japan is a country with various kind of festival all year long. Most festival is organized by a local Japanese shrine, but a lot of the participants are not attending for any religious purpose. Most of them are locals who treat the festival as local community events, tourist, foreigners, photogs, and also some "Festival Otaku" who will track down every single festival around the country.

This is one of the biggest obon festival in Tokyo. And the venue is the controversial Yasukuni Shrine. The shrine which paying tribute to WWII war criminals, is the pain in the ass for regional politics. Japanese politician need it to gain support of nationalist and show how they won't compromise on foreign's political pressure from China or Korea.

But who cares about these argument anyway? Personally I think we should move forwards, unloading the historical burden. And anyone who still playing the WWII cards is a lunatic playing fires who put personal political gain above all.

And I guess 99% of them who flock the shire during the 4 days festival, don't care at all. They went there for street food, for summer, for fun and for entertainment. Of course you still can spot some lantern with controversial images and phares but let's ignore them. The world will be a better place without noticing them :)

If you are reading this post now, the festival last till 16th July! You no need to wait for another year to visit it!









Up next 下町七夕まつり(Shitamachi-Tanabata-Matsuri)
7th of July, a religious celebration in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan. Origin from China with a folklore love story of the weaver girl and the cowherd. The story was localized with a Japanese version with a main characters named Tanabata. I won't try to retold the story here, but in modern days,  the Japanese custom was to write wishes on a paper strips and tight them on the bamboo.

DSC_3401DSC_3398DSC_3405DSC_3392DSC_3377DSC_3361 DSC_3397

The most odd and strange festival I found in Japan, which worship manhood - the Penis. And this is a major tourist attraction now a days with thousands of foreigners including local of course,  flock into this small town parading along with 3 Penises around the neighborhood. The most jaw dropping one's is the Big Pink Penis carried by Okama dressed in pinky dress. And, you are right!! This one draws the crowds most! Anyway, I won't post too much photos of the festival here, one is that I din't get many good know sometimes photographers failed too. Another is that to keep the blog clean :) Just google "kanamara matsuri" and you will get what you hoping for for this festival.


DSC_1528DSC_1552Happy FaceDSC_1551 DSC_1586

I like this last photo so much. The reaction of the girl facing a half naked man. You guess which way her eye goes to. :)

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