Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Birthday Month Ago

At first I wanted to make this blog a pure photoblog, but now I think that writing something a little bit personal here is not a bad idea too, to let you know more about me :p.

Birthday with toddlers

Ok, let's get back to the story. Although it was month ago, I still think that it worth for a blog entry. This was a surprise birthday celebration thanks to the nursery that I work as a part time English instructor. Actually I shouldn't call it a job because basically I go there once a week, spend an hour there singing, playing and teaching some simple English vocabulary to this group of toddlers.

I was singing the "Bye-bye song", and prepared to leave the class, and suddenly the song turned into a birthday song!! I thought it was one of the kid's birthday, so I just joined them with the song. But I noticed that something was wrong, there was a big "24" candle on the cake....I was the birthday boy! I was really surprise and touched. Thanks a lot to all the teachers in the nursery, not only for the birthday but for everything since the first day I join this big family.

I have to admit that dealing with this group of toddlers is not an easy task. I have hard time getting their attention. Most of the time I will give up, choose to ignore some of the naughty ones, and only focus to those who are willing to listen to me. Sometimes, the teachers there still have to step in when the kids get wild. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for looking after me again and again.

Finally, to the fellow toddles. I'm grateful to get to know you, although I still cannot remember some of your names. Anyway, let's have more fun in the future!!



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