Thursday, 29 January 2009

Paint with Light

I read this article in about using a cellphone flash light as a light source in low light situation. I think this is something cool to try out. So I set up my camera and pulled the exposure time to maximum and start to "paint" my shoes with my cellphone's flash light. Anyway I added a SB-600 in the set up, hiding it at the back of the shoes to add some backlighted effect.
And here you another attempt on product shot :)

Again, I have two versions of it:
The first one, unedited version (just some basic Raw processing in Lightroom)
Shoes Unedited Version

And another enhanced version
Shoes Enhanced Version

Please let me know which version you prefer, thanks :)



  1. I like the first one more... the colour is somehow more real and natural.

  2. hmmm.... i like the first one too....

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  4. First picture is better. =)

  5. The first one is better for me.

  6. 1st one...

    ermm.. u really put ur cellphone into ur shoes?
    how long u wore that shoes? lol


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