Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Anytime & Anyplace with Xue Min

I am heading to Tokyo tonight. I will have a presentation there on Friday, and will stay back for the weekends to meet some old friends there. So before I’m leaving, I should post up the photos set as I had promised before.

Xue Min has been very supportive, when I told her my passion about photography, my little dream to become a photographer. After 2 engagement sessions, she again is willing to pose for me, this time an one to one session, or I like to call it “Anytime & Anyplace” session. Practice is the key to master the skill. So I really appreciate the chance to work with Xue Min again before she leave Osaka to Nagoya this coming April.

This time, we tried indoor shooting. I start off with only the ambient light coming through the windows using a 50mm lens. I bought the old 50mm F1.8 lens months before Nikon ships the new AF-S 35mm F1.8 DX prime lens. A bad timing for my investment because I have to stick to manual focus when I using it on a D40 body. Anyway, I’m glad that I still can get some sharp images with it.

Then we move near the window tried to get some dramatic shoot.

I like this in B&W.

OK. Putting on a cap and muffler, and I’m now using 18-55mm kit lens. We were running out of light, so I light her with SB-600 on camera shooting through a DIY soft-box.

And we also tried out some sexy pose. The SB-600 still on the camera but this time I used a piece of white bouncing card instead of the soft-box.

And the last image which is my favorite. The SOOC image was nice. But I think with some portrait retouching, it will turn out more gorgeous just like the magazine cover. So what I did with this image was, I applied some digital make up, and boosted the eyes color.

I will be away until next Monday. Hopefully I can bring back some beautiful images form Tokyo :)

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  1. nice series...good play on light...
    you're so lucky to have a good friend + sweet model...lol...
    to get sharp picture sometime manual focus is more efficient than autofocus...i got some m42 lenses...and it work sharper than my AF lenses...


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