Thursday, 19 March 2009

Back From Tokyo

I am back from Tokyo. In short, this was a nice trip. The presentation went on well, managed to meet up with some old friends and also some sight-seeing. The worst part is, I’m sick now – chickenpox. So I have to quarantine myself in the room for the rest of my spring holidays not to spread the disease all around. How unlucky I am. sigh… :(

Rest a lot for the past two days, feeling better now so start working on the photos I took during the Tokyo trip. Here is a collage of Tokyo City view at night. From left: Shinjuku (新宿), Tokyo Tower, Shibuya (渋谷).

Process with split-toning to get a green shift to achieve lomo effect.


  1. WOW!!! I'm so impressed!!
    You should make the postcards of these pics, and I will buy them for sure to send my friends in foreigner!!!!! Seriously!!!! - yrk

  2. 好棒!!你的技术又添加几分了。。

  3. yrk>Thanks! I can give you free print if you like:) but let me top up my cartridge first!!


  4. yep yep!! give me free print, and i will color-copy them to send my friends!!! :D - yrk


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