Saturday, 21 March 2009

Tokyo: Wandering Around

I finished off earlier that day, so I headed to Roppongi for a walk before meet up with a friend for dinner. I discovered a new place called Tokyo Midtown - a new urban development that finished on March 2007. I’m impressed by the modern architecture surround with greenery and artworks. Fujifilm has a store right here, and you definitely want to check it out. It has a museum on 2nd floor showing the history of cameras and a huge gallery space. Lucky enough to bump up with interesting exhibitions with lots of amazing photographs. Here is the link, check out the up coming exhibitions if you are interested.

Then I headed to another new place- The National Art Center Tokyo. Come to know about this place following a blog called Tokyobling’s blog. It was 7pm, and most of the museum or art gallery will be closed at this time. Guess what, it was Friday!! and it close at 8.30. So I jump in and pay 500yen to enter an exhibition called “Artist File 2009 - The NACT Annual Show of Contemporary Art”. I hardly remember my last visit to an art gallery before. I’m not train in art, and it is hard to judge a piece of artwork especially when it come to modern art. Some of them get you puzzled and some of them just feel creepy. Anyway it was worth visiting. It opens up my eyes to unlimited human’s creativity. The exhibition is on till 6th May, so if you happened to be at that area you can check it out.

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  1. Ufff... i should have gone to this art center in tokyo when i was there. it looks pretty nice. even though i really don't understand the art much, i think it's gonna be a good inspiration for oneself. :D - yrk


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