Monday, 30 March 2009

Travel Alone

I was travelling on the train, reading this book titled “What Should I Do with My Life” by Po Bronson, and I come across these few paragraphs about how travel helps you find out who you are. In the book the author wrote:

“At home, at work, at school, there are always a ton of external inputs coaxing you in the direction you’re already going. Deadlines, parents chirping in your ear, friends wanting you to go out. Travelling can take you away from all those influences, quiet their din, and allow you a kind of silence to consider who you are as an independent entity.”

“When you start to think that you haven’t been the pilot of your life for a long, long time, you have no other choice but to hear what your soul is saying. Am I the person I think I am if nobody is there to tell me who I am?”

“Being uncomfortable is good. If you remain comfortable, you remain more or less yourself. The quickest way to make yourself uncomfortable is to travel alone.”

“It take courage to change your life. Sometimes doing so, you feel all alone in the world. You get used to this scary feeling travelling alone, being by yourself for long periods of time, having to talk to strangers, having to get yourself from one city to another. The fear of being alone will no longer stop you.”

Travel. I always enjoy the adventurous moving from one city to another, get myself out of the cage to explore, to see and to feel the unknown experience lying in front of me. But on the journey of finding out who I really am, there is still a long path to travel on, uncertainty to face, doubts to confront and questions to be answered…

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