Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Spring is here

Another spring is here, my 6th spring in Japan. Time really fly.

New season, new semester, and life starts getting busy. My last 2 years before stepping out the university campus. Am I able to face the real world outside? Where should I heading? A lot of questions to be answered in this 2 years, and I hope that I can find it.

Is getting late now, and I should be in bed, 1st class in the morning… Hopefully I can manage my time well enough to keep this blog updated as often as possible.

Good night and sweet dreams :)


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  2. yeah, it's already our 6th sakura season, time really flies man.
    and it's also same here with me...
    still not sure yet what will i do after graduation..
    sigh.. identity crisis..
    i should really seriously consider bakery shop as a serious way. hehehe

  3. Betria SR: ありがとう!!

    martin: bakery shop is a great idea!!! Count me in :)


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