Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Run Away

Exhausted. The perfect word to express my state of mind. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I really need a space to hide, to run away to. And maybe this digital world of mine is the best option.

Tonight I ran away. From all the course works, all the reading materials and turn myself to photoshop, working on this piece of photo which coincidently fit the title of this blog post.

Here is another 2 photos from the same series - my personal photo project on self-portrait, posted in my flickr page few weeks ago before I can finish up this last piece.

Maybe it will take me another few weeks before I can update this blog, the camera has been resting in the dry box for a long time. Anyway, is time for me to go back to reality. Good night :)

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  1. when tired, do smth u like, this is a good way for u to relax urself...
    ganbate!! lol


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