Sunday, 21 June 2009


Went to a candle night event called “10000000人のキャンドルナイト@Osaka City” last week, a Japanese own version of Earth Hour. The city was light off with candle art lining along the street. I like the theme this year – “少し笑ったら,また何かできるんだ” (Something you can do with a simple smile).

Smile, something simple but people tend to forget. The economy downturn, fast living pace in modern city, all this had taken over our life, keep pressuring us to move forward and what is missing is a simple smile on our face. A smile that would always give us the strength to overcome obstacles in life.

Hope you enjoy the photo here and smile always!!!


  1. Oh wow these are very beautiful... And beautiful msg u got over there. Let's welcome the new week with a smile. (:

  2. yeah!
    smile smile smile..
    dun forget..
    must keep smiling o..


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