Sunday, 28 June 2009

Travel: Hakata博多

2 weeks ago, I had a short trip to Hakata(博多). Not a real travel trip, but an bonus after visiting a factory for my product design project. This trip had been postponed from May due to the outbreak of swine flu, so my plan to stay back at the city for another day was screwed up because June was piled up with lots of course works. So basically I just managed to walk around the station, ate 2 bowls of Ramen, shopped for some souvenirs before taking the last train back to Osaka.

Speaking of Hakata, this city is famous for its street food, they called it Yatai (屋台) in Japanese. And the famous food they have here is Hakata Ramen (博多ラーメン) and Motsunabe (もつ鍋). I am a food lover, so you can imagine how I managed to have 2 big bowls of Ramen in just 4 hours stay in the city. They really taste good!! So next time if you have a chance to travel to Hakata, please have your stomach well prepared.

Don’t really have the time for photographs in this trip, so only a few random shot to share here. Hope I will have the chance to revisit this place again.

”絶品(Excellent)”…prefect word for the food there :)

I have the this habit of peeking at the small alley.

Some art works, decorating the wall of a construction site. Another good naming of it “中洲:夜の美術館 (night gallery @ Nakasu)”

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