Thursday, 3 September 2009

Night View @ Putrajaya

Had a short trip to KL on my short vacation back in Malaysia. And this time managed to visit to Putrajaya. I will skip all the debate on how much money the government had spent to build up this grand Islamic city, but just to share some nice city landscape photos here.

Bitter story behind these photos :( I forgot to bring along my tripod, and that the price I need to pay for it was, to hold the camera as stable as possible on the wall to get great exposure but minimum hand shake. Anyway, please to see the result, OK shot without tripod. Enjoy!!

The Putra Mosque

Seri Wawasan Bridge 

1 comment:

  1. come?
    malaysia have this beutiful views?
    i think under ur camera oni...:P
    is nice...
    yup..ur pic show tat how much they spent on it...
    but if u ask them, they will say attract tourists n improve image..
    wat bad excuse...


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