Friday, 4 September 2009

Yee Vun & Lay Poh Engagement Session

First, a big congratulation to Yee Vun & Lay Poh, they will be having their wedding ceremony at the end of this September, and enter a new journey of their life as husband and wife. And, again my gratitude to them for willing to be my models, although they already had their wedding photo album taken. Schedule is pretty tight, a day before I fly back to Japan and it had been raining for the whole week and another rainy day will ruin the whole plan. Fortunately, luck stands with me, although we were trapped in the middle of the shooting by sudden rain, it did not last long and we were able to have pretty great shot until the session ends.  

Without makeup artist and fancy wedding dress, what I want to present is the couples with their most natural looks and attires. And personally I consider this as a plus to the traditional wedding photograph.

If you are a true Penang-kia, you definitely can recognize this shooting location. If not, then you should probably pay a visit there - Khoo Kongsi – Chinese clanhouse located in the middle of Penang’s heritage site.

Here is a series of the photos that I arrange and compile into a photo book like layout! Comments are most welcome to help me improve :)

Oops…the cover was shot in another location near Khoo Kongsi.

Let’s dive IN to their love story

Personal favorite!!

What I learned in this shooting

1) Be very familiar with the gear. I upgrade my gear recently and not totally familiar with it so I need to stop once and a while to reconfigure the setting which is not ideal in the shooting session.

2) Be funny!! I’m not doing well in this though. Must create a good communication with the couples and make them feel relax.

3) Be more creative in posing the couples and finding good angle to shoot!

4) I must calibrate my monitor!! Images appear to be different, a bit dark on other computer!

There’s still a long road for me to learn, and hopefully I can have more chance to shoot and polish up my skill.

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