Monday, 16 November 2009

IDSS @ 2009 Part 6 : Ravenna

Stop by a city call Ravenna on our way to the last stop of the Italian Design Summer School - the Bertinoro Campus.


Our first stop was the International Ceramic Museum in Faenza. Found a lot of items inside, aged from ancient Europe until modern art works, including the works of Chagall and Picasso. Nowadays, Faenza still famous for its clay’s products.



Then we headed to the city center of Ravenna and have a half day tour in a few main cathedral located here in this historical city. Cathedral again?!? I know I had shown a lot of photos of churches and cathedrals on my previous posts. But I can’t help to show a bunch of them in this post also because they are extremely unique. Often you will find painting, sculptures, or stained glasses inside a cathedral, but in Ravenna, mosaics covers every walls inside them. Mosaics art is created by carefully cut and place tiny pieces of glass, marble and stones into spiritual images. It was breathtaking to discover the interiors filled with glistering mosaics arts.








Half a day in the city, 4 cathedrals. Too little time to digest all the information by the tour guide, but the impact was so strong and unique.

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