Monday, 23 November 2009

IDSS @ 2009 Part 7 : Bertinoro

Bertinoro, an ancient small town up on the hill. And here we are spent the last 2 days of summer school in the University Residential Centre of Bertinoro. I keep on wonder why University of Bologna will own a facility up on a hill almost 2 hours drive from the main campus, but it seem like this is part of the project to promoted and supported the decentralization of the University of Bologna to Forlì and Cesena.

Founded on 1994, the University Residential Centre is composed of three large historical and monumental building in the town. The centre is used to host residential training courses, seminars, workshop and conferences as well as cultural and research initiatives. And the best thing about this residential centre is its unique environment, built-up on top the ancient town, in a quiet and hospitable place, surrounded by a very pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

Part of the residential centre is an old castle.
The view from top of the hill is so breath taken. At the right is the entrance to the hostel.
Inside the hostel, and my inside my room.


Night view. The town is so peaceful and quiet at night, and the best place to look at stars.

Wake up early in the morning for sun rise.
Actually the last 2 photos is not from Bertinoro, but from Villa Bianchi, Cesena where we have our final presentation and ceremony.

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