Wednesday, 24 February 2010

可欣 @ 4 months

Let's meet this little princess 可欣!! My seniors - Chee Leong & Wuyi's first born. Congratulation again!! If you still remember, I had covered their wedding in Shanghai in 2008. And the bride's photo of Wuyi has been the banner of my blog ever since.

I had the chance to visit them last week on my short trip to Tokyo for job hunting. Really nice to be able to catch up with them, and to play with this new member in Ooi's family. She is so cute and adorable and I just can't resist to have my camera pointing at her all the time. She must be asking in her little head - "Where the hell is this uncle coming from and keep asking me to look at him??" :p
I found that I love baby's photo in B&W. I tried to minimize post processing, but I just cannot help pushing the greyscale button in Lightroom for almost all the photos, and this blog entry end up all B&W. Anyway, hope you like it and thanks for dropping by :)

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