Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Trip to China - months ago

Tired and worn out. Nothing but only writing essay about myself and why the "company" should hire me bla bla bla. I guess "me" is the hardest thing to understand, despite spending every 24/7/365 of 25 years with. The war to make up my mind, and to impress the people in HR will still last for months...

Put away the trouble, I again dive into my own photography world. This is another travel log of me, a research trip to China last year. A visit to a field project run in China to reinstall forestland with Eucommia. Research has been carried to use the tree as raw material for industrial purpose, and how to create a healthy zero emission eco-system with it. Field data are collected to assess the potential amount of CO2 reduction and other co-benefits of this project.

Beside works, there also time for travelling. The most exciting part is that we were able to make a brief stop at Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi Huang in Xi'an, Shaanxi province. Looking at the sea of armies, you can't denied that it is really a big piece of art, and how amazing human creation can be. On the other hand, it was also hard to imagine how much effort had been put into building an underground empier. How many life it cost, and how many forest had been burned down.

Some images to share here. Hope you enjoy and more thanks.

I was snowing heavily a day before we took the flight, it was pretty looking down high above the sky.

Typical lunch prepared by the kitchen of the rubber factory we visited. And the villages are set to go to harvest the seed of Eucommia.


Smoke house to dried up tabacco.









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  1. wow... nice pictures... i have been to Xi'an twice... simply love this historical city... would like to go back again =p


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