Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Hot Shoe Diaries Workshop in KL

The first photography workshop for me, and the instructor is Joe McNally!! Although I had viewed tons of his interviews as well as some free videos on the internet, participate in his workshop, get to see him in action is a total different experiences. He is so passion about his job as a photographer, as a world famous photographer, yet he is humble and is one of the most down to earth person I had ever met. He is a great instructor, and definitely a great presentator, a humorous guy, who will not let his audience feel bored in his class.

Participated in both the workshop and seminar, both of them are inspiring, and a great learning experience. Photography is the language of light. To be able to understand the light, control and even manipulate the light to your favor is the key to a great picture. And Joe showed us a very effective method, to approach various type of lighting scenarios step by step, like putting the pieces of the puzzle together one by one. He took the advantages of technology of digital photography, metering the lights, assessed them on the LCD screen, and took solution to make the frame better. He struggled when the gear messing with him, but he was able to take control over them, and approached the situation in the basic of light.
A lot of info to digest and a lot of experimenting to do in the future, to fully utilize the workshop. On the field, the most valuable thing I got from Joe is the attitude. How he treat his job, his assistant, the models, people around him and etc. This is not only true with photography, but every aspect of life.

Another thing that I value most, is the group of great guys that I met in the workshop. Nice to have you all in the same class.
A big thanks to Joe for sharing your experiences.
A big thanks to Louis Pang and his wedshooter team to bring Joe in town.
A big thanks to Drew, Johan and Melvin, you guys are the best assistants!!
A big thanks to Tou, Evon, Melissa and Sherlyn, the models who work very hard.
A big thanks to all the classmates!! and group members who help me out in the group works.
A big thanks to Johan who took this great group photo for us.
A big thanks to Jan Shim who send me the photo.
A big thanks to Chin Hing, thanks for letting me stay at your place and take care of my transportation.

A Journey that full of gain. Again, thanks to everyone who make this event possible!

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