Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Flying Back for The Hot Shoe Diaries Workshop

I'm pretty excited now, packing my luggage for an early flight tomorrow. The reason, as you already can guess from the title of this post, The Hot Shoe Diaries Workshop by world known photographer Joe McNally. No need for me to write more about him, you can just google his name and read all about him and some of his amazing works.

Everyone needs a hero, just like superman, spiderman, whatever comic heroes who accompanied us through our childhood. In photography, Joe is my hero, a long with Chase Jarvis and Jingna. Came across his work few years ago when I surfed the net for photography tips, I was attracted to the way he use light, and found out that he is the man behind most of the photograph in National Geography that have great impact on me. So, when I found out that Louis Pang is bringing Joe to KL for workshop, I can't resist to fly back all the way from Japan. It cost me a lot, but I'm sure it will be an excellant learning experience to lern from a master.

"The moment it clicks" and "The hot shoe diaries". Two must read books for photog. Both authored by Joe, turning his experience into words. Learnt a lot from them, but I still so nervous as I'm a total beginner in flash photography. Really can't wait to jump in to the class right now. And hopefully I can get Joe to sign on this two books :p

So, just a little practice before the flight. I know I looked .... kinda lame in the photo, but I'm pretty satisfied with the lights, it was not perfect, there are shadows on the face, the light is a little bit blown out etc. But this is the first step, and I'm really looking forward to improve myself in controlling the light! So stay tune to look at my results from the workshop.

Need to double check my luggage before I go to bed.

And friends in Malaysia, looking forward to catch up with you all.

Good Night!

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