Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Travel Diary: Yanaka, Kamakura, Enoshima

Have been travel to Tokyo for a few time last months for seminars, test and interview. Transportation paid by Uni or the company really a big help for me and shorten the distant between Osaka & Tokyo from 7 hours bus to 3 hours Shinkansen which is normally too expensive to pay on my own budget.

I had make used of one of the trip and travel around. A little bit sick with the congested Tokyo central city lanscape, I head to Yanaka, a historical neighborhood in Tokyo. No big temple or big shopping mall, no specific attraction but simple residential area with old temple, historical market place, wooden house. Simply walk around and enjoy the atmosphere and ambivalence of the neighborhood.

Spent another day in Kamakura and Enoshima, 2 lovely place to walk around when you want to spent a day trip out from Tokyo. One day rail-pass is highly recommended, economical and saved you plenty of time when you move from one attraction to another. Anyway, I was enjoying my time in Kamakura, when I arrived at Enoshima, I was only able to catch the sunset, and explore the small island in dark.

You can find a lot of travel info of these places by just googling their name, so I won't repeat the same fact. Some photos to share with you and hope you like it. Thanks again for stopping by.










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