Saturday, 24 July 2010


The summer in Japan is killing me. Highest temperature recorded in July, probably. If you still questioning if global warming is real due to unusually cold winter earlier this year, our Earth is definitely SICK.

For you who enjoining cooler in your comfortable room, think about this. The energy used to suck the heat in your room is creating more heat outside, and make staying outdoor even hotter than ever. Turn the temperature up from 24 to 26, will probably save you some dime and lighten the burden of the earth.

Or just go grab some refreshment to cool yourself down!!


Simple setting with one SB-600 above a bowl of water, manual focus at where the kiwi will heat the surface. Then repeat throwing the kiwi into the water again, again and again, until you get the perfect shot!! A lot of patient and trial and error :)

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