Tuesday, 17 August 2010

B&W or Color?

I have been abandoning the blog for a while. Things keep coming up and I can hardly have a grab on my own life. I really need a break, a simple break. Ya, I just need to whole on for another 3 weeks then I can go back to my home. Real home. Counting down the time...

Anyway, I just did some quick editing on a photo before saying good night world, I was trap in the dilemma. B&W or Color?

The photo was taken in High ISO - 6400, with lots of noise. But B&W conversion is amazingly turning an almost unusable image to life.

Smoking Gal: B&W

On the other side, the color version tell the real story. Yellowish street light, Jap's gal in yukata with a cigarette in hand, looking right into the lens.

Smoking Gal: Color

Which one do you prefer?

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