Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Yukata Girls

Finally, I decided to go with B&W. I guess I just like B&W photography more.

This series of photos is taken during Tenjin Matsuri (天神祭), one of the biggest summer festival here in Osaka. But I won't write in details about the festival, because I am not a big fan for it. Been there twice, both end up with too many people and too little to see. And this time, my camera end up hunting for yukata girls. Din't make any good photos though. You can imagine, without a fast lens, all I can depend on is high ISO. Push it to the limit, 6400, tight-up my shoulder, and all I pray for is luck.

What I did was pure street photography - point and shoot. No asking for permission. The idea is to get the most natural shot, simple and fast. The results, out of hundreds, only this 3 can be called usable.

Yukata Girls. You will find a lot of them during summer festival in Japan. Typically you can divide them into 2 groups. Modern Gyaru (ギャル), and traditional type.

Gyaru. Straight translation of English term - gal, is refer to young girls in their teens in general, but also used to refer to group of girls with special choice of fashion, usually with overly bleached hair. You can google for the term and you will get a lot of images hits as well, but I think the photo below is enough to tell the story.

Smoking Gal: B&W

On the other hand, traditional type. Judged by the name, without further explanation, you can get the idea, right?


Finally, a group of High School girls, I guess, were happily posed for me, when they noticed a big lens was pointing at them. Say PEACE!!

Peace (^o^)v

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