Saturday, 25 September 2010

Pit Fuh & Bee Gim Wedding

First, let's me congrats my big brother & sister in law again, happy marriage :-)

First wedding in the family, first time covering a whole wedding from day till night.

I read from a lot of wedding photographers, never shoot for family and friends. You will get yourself in trouble more than giving your best wedding present to them. I know before hand that, this is a tough job. I'm not just a photographer, but a close family member. I need to play 2 roles at once. Worst, I'm solo. My brother asked his friend to help out for the photo shooting too. But I totally dunno how should I coordinate the day because I really inexperience. I can only hope that if I missed some important moment, others can get it. At the end, I can only said that I'm no more than an uncle Bob.

I'm nervous. I'm afraid that I will mess things up. On the actual day, I clicked the shutter, I checked the LCD screen, over-exposed, under exposed, blurred images, bad compositions...all kind of situation came up. I kept remind myself, you don't need all shot to be perfect, you just need one. One that captured the moment.

2 days after the wedding day, then only I have the time to sit down and review the shots. I shoot in RAW, so basically every photos need some minor adjustments. Somehow every time I move the adjustment sliders, I felt myself cheating. Every time I cropped an image, I felt like I've done a poor job. I hate that feeling.

Taken another few days,off and on, finally I manage to pull up an album from thousands of images in my HD. I can't say that I have done a good job, just ok job, but I feel that this is the best present I can give to my brother and sister in law. Hope that they will like it ;)



Look back to these pictures. I think I've done a safe job, most of the important moments had been captured. I need more creativity. I need to take more risk. I need to see thing more differently. I need to communicate more. I need more....a lot to learn. Hope that I still have a chance to cover another wedding in the future.

For those who visit my blog, I need your critics to push me ahead. Please leave comments after the post! thanks.


  1. Bro, i agree wit u.. safe shots but GREAT SHOTS!! U did capture the essences of the event...

    One thing.. may i have the pix of my hammies?

  2. Haha..I did not know that you are under such enormous pressure. You did a GREAT job and I got lots of good comments on your shoots from friends.
    Thanks for all the work, brother. I owe you great deed.


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