Sunday, 10 October 2010

Aliza @ 1 month

You know what is the fun part for my this trip back to Malaysia?

2 new members in my family. 1st of course is my sister in law. The other one is this little princess - Aliza. My cousin's daughter. I wander how should I call her, is she my niece? did some search online, it seem like I've to call her first "cousin once removed". Oooo, I'm confused. Let's just call her by name - Aliza. If you know the correct way for the relationship, please comment!!

So enjoy another series of baby portraits, in my favorite B&W style. Hope you like it!!


How adorable is she. She will turn up to be a pretty girl for sure. I can imagine that on my next trip back home. :)

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  1. touching when c her...
    full of happiness..hehehe...
    thank you for ur sharing man...


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