Monday, 28 March 2011

Am I making the right decision?

I have been asking myself repeatedly for the past 2 weeks the same question. Is my decision to head to Tokyo a right call. The Fukushima incident see little progress, the drama will be going up and down for another few weeks or even month, and to be honest I have loosing my hope on TEPCO. Don't get me wrong, I highly respect the people on the ground, risking their life to save the world.

Let's talk about Tokyo. 200km from the nuclear plant. Food and water are contaminated partly depends on the wind, rain and all sort of external factors. Some said the figure is too low to cause any health concern. Some predict the incident will cause thousands of cancer patients in the near future. Some argued that this incident is worst than Chernobyl, some said even the worst case scenario, a complete melt down, direct impact on human health is minor.

Some people trying hard to get back to normal life, some are leaving for good. Some assured me, you worried too much. Some beg me to go back.

Again. Am I making the right decision? Leaving behind my family with worrying news? Am I risking my health for a payroll? I don't have the answer. I really don't.

I hope I won't regret.

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