Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Quake

The ground was shaking. It must be the fault of yesterday's alcohol, I thought. But my lab mates gave me a confused look. And the dizziness grow stronger.

This is not hallucination. The Earth IS moving.

At that moment, we was still joking around - that must be the fault of the M1 building. We were at the 8th floor at one of the most dangerous old building in Osaka University. Our own Professor had told us before, by his calculation, this building will not survive strong quake.

But the shake continued (imagine after one long joke). Table, white-board was waving - it longed for a minute I guessed. A bad feeling struck my gut. The same as 7 years ago, when I was enjoying my holiday in Penang. In that evening, a few countries were drown by strong tsunami caused by the deathly Indian Ocean Earthquake.

The news came in soon. Another big quake has struck Japan. The worst part of it - the same tsunami again swept off a few cities, left alone debris and scene that we hardly recognized. I visited sendai a week ago. It was weird and hard to believe the same airport that welcome me a week ago is now in ruins. Matsushima - ranked as one of the Three Views of Japan, will it survive? I can't imagine. And the citizens? Life, so fragile under the sneeze of mother nature.

We seen a lot of destructive scene on TV, on the net. Troubling and devastative.

We need hope. We need to believe that we can rebuild it, from scratch. Let's pray.

Memorizing...Sendai 仙台
Memorizing...Matsuhsima 松島

Things will get better.

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