Thursday, 22 September 2011

Matsumoto Castle 松本城

Matsumoto Castle (松本城), one of the well preserved castle along with other 4 which Japanese used to call them 国宝四城 - literary means the only 4 castle in Japan that was ranked as national treasure - Himeji Castle (姫路城), Inuyama Castle (犬山城) and Hikone Castle (彦根城). While Hikone Castle is  the only one left on my list.  

I don't have much knowledge about the architecture of the castle, but what special about the above 4 is that they are original. Whoever been to Osaka Castle or other rebuild castle around Japan will know what I meant. Matsumoto Castle was able to avoid severe damage during war-time,  unlike Osaka Castle which have modern elevator in it,  most part of the castle has been preserved. The corridor is narrow, ladder is steep. Walking inside it just make you feel like you were in the samurai period of Japan.

It was cloudy that day and definitely add some special atmosphere on the photo which I kind of like.
  Matsumoto Castle I

Matsumoto Castle II

2nd Hand Bookstore I
A secondhand bookstore that mimic the looks of the Castle stood out in the middle of concrete building. 

2nd Hand Bookstore II

The street
Shop-lots around the castle all have a special touch of creamy white paint

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