Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Symphony of Light

This was an unexpected trip.

A friend got extra Seishun 18 ticket (青春18切符) and we agreed to hang out for a short weekends trip. Then we found out that there will be a fireworks festival at Suwako (諏訪湖), a perfect coincident. And we never guess that Typhoon No. 12 was landing in Japan on the very same weekends.

We were on the edge of canceling the trip, the typhoon headed to the west instead of the original route. Screwed it, we decided not to waste our holiday and sticked to the same plan heading to Nagano Prefecture not knowing what will be welcoming us. Will the train be delayed? Will the firework be canceled? We just made our bet.

Train stopped from time to time and running with the speed of the turtle to minimize the impact of the downpour. Managed to arrived  at the destination in time to find out that the show is going to run as planned. Guess what, many people choose not to take the risk, so this was the only firework festival that we managed to avoid packed train and still get to sit on a nice spot!! But there were still 200 thousands attendance, you can imagine how big was the original event.

Although this was my 8th years in Japan, and I almost lost count of how many time I had been to fireworks festival during summer in Japan. I enjoyed most of them but the impact is not as huge as the first encounter when I first came to Japan. However, I had that feeling once again when the last drop of spark vanished into the dark sky. Maybe it was the long journey, maybe it was my first firework at the lake, or it was the joy to see satisfied smile on everyone face despite the frequent natural disaster that strike Japan without giving her a break?

Things changed. Summer came and summer gone. I do hope the tradition will be carried on. Summer in Japan will not be the same without fireworks.

Do enjoy the photo below!

DSC_3722 DSC_3776DSC_3744DSC_3745 DSC_3772

DSC_3778 DSC_3779



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